Psychological Assessment for Candidate Selection:

How much time, money, effort, and other resources does a bad hire cost your company?  What if you could make better hiring decisions by knowing if a candidate’s personality and thinking skills are a good fit for a role?  Dr. Gary Dumais specializes in using a range of well-validated and reliable psychological assessments and interview techniques to gauge a candidate’s personality characteristics, interpersonal skills, reasoning abilities, and overall level of fit for a job.

Psychological Assessment for Employee Promotion:

Is an employee truly ready to handle the increased responsibility that comes with a promotion?  And if so, what skills will they have to develop to meet the demands of the new role?  Dr. Gary Dumais uses psychological assessments and interview techniques to evaluate internal candidates and provide information about who to promote and how to maximize their effectiveness.

Psychological Assessment for Employee Development:

Employees are more motivated, productive, and likely to stay dedicated to companies that help them to hone their skills and advance in their career.  Dr. Gary Dumais leverages psychological assessments and interview techniques to give employees “news they can use” in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.        

360 Degree Surveys:

360 degree surveys are a structured way to gather information about how coworkers perceive an employee in terms of their ability to achieve results, interpersonal skills, reasoning and problem-solving skills, etc.  By garnering feedback from different groups of coworkers, Dr. Gary Dumais utilizes 360 degree survey information to provide insights into how employees are perceived by bosses, peers, customers, direct reports, etc. so they can optimize their approach to working with others.

Employee Development Planning:

Development planning puts valuable information from sources like psychological assessments, 360 surveys, performance reviews, etc. into action.  Dr. Gary Dumais works collaboratively with employees to define their professional development goals (e.g., thinking more strategically, being more effective at handling difficult conversations, etc.) and identify clear and measurable action-steps to grow.  Once the development plan is created, Dr. Dumais coaches employees to execute their plan and overcome any obstacles.

Executive Coaching:

With his doctoral-level knowledge of learning and behavior, Dr. Gary Dumais is adept at coaching employees to strengthen their abilities, broaden skill-sets, and perform more effectively.  Executive coaching is a key component in succession planning and leadership development programs, and brings out the best in employees.