Gary Dumais, Psy.D

Business Psychologist

Assessment | Coaching | HR Consulting

Pre-Hire Assessments

How much time, money, effort, and other resources does a bad hire cost? Better hiring decisions can be made by knowing more about candidates’ personality and thinking skills beforehand. Dr. Gary Dumais specializes in a range of validated psychometric assessments and interview methods to evaluate candidates’ fit for a job.

Development Assessments

Employees are more motivated, productive, and likely to stay when companies help them develop skills. Dr. Gary Dumais leverages psychometric assessments and interview methods to give employees “news they can use” about their strengths, weaknesses, and where to focus development efforts.

360 Degree Surveys

360 degree surveys are a structured way to gather coworkers’ perceptions of managers in areas like achieving results, interpersonal skills, reasoning and problem-solving skills, and more. Dr. Gary Dumais leverages 360 survey feedback to provide insights into how mangers and other key employees can optimize.

Company Surveys

Dr. Gary Dumais is skilled at survey design, analysis, and interpretation. He provides employee opinion & engagement surveys, customer satisfaction & feedback surveys, and more.


Executive Coaching

With his doctoral-level knowledge of learning and behavior, Dr. Gary Dumais coaches employees to strengthen abilities, broaden skill-sets, and perform more effectively. Executive coaching is a key component in succession planning and leadership development programs, and brings out the best in employees.

Development Planning

Development planning puts data from psychometric assessments, 360 surveys, etc. into action. Dr. Gary Dumais works with employees to help them translate assessment findings into professional growth and achievement.

Succession Planning

Dr. Gary Dumais helps companies think ahead and prepare for the next owner, president, or CEO. He also helps ensure that key employees are ready to take on increased responsibility when needed. He works with senior leadership to identify high-potential talent and accelerate skill development.

Human Resource Consulting

Make wise HR decisions for your business. Dr. Gary Dumais advises on policy, staffing, training, performance management, conflict resolution, organizational structure, compliance & risk-management, company culture, employee morale, employee job satisfaction, job roles & responsibilities, human capital strategy, and more. 

Client Endorsement

We chose our new CEO and COO with help from Gary Dumais. He worked with us to identify the kinds of leadership our company needs, develop succession plans, and assess candidates. As a result, our company continues to prosper.
Tony Bartolomeo, former CEO of Pennoni
Tony Bartolomeo
former President & CEO, Pennoni


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